Every now and then, I get serious about my health. I know it sounds crazy, but I often tell people that when I REALLY want to lose weight, I lose weight. I know exactly how to eat everything I love and still lose weight. It sounds crazy, right? You'd think that since I know this, I'd always apply it. Yet, I rarely do until I get tired of seeing myself the same way.

My eight-year-old is very health conscious. She takes fitness seriously and eats a moderately healthy diet. But she WILL snack on junk! Honestly, both of us do. Junk food is our biggest weakness.

In recent years, Jireh has expressed a desire to be pescatarian; and when she doesn't want to eat something, she quickly states that she's pescatarian. She maintains that stance until she wants a taco. When it comes to tacos and bacon, all bets are off.
Bacon is probably my biggest weakness when it comes to meat. I can do without ham, sausage, ribs, neckbones, and anything else on a pig, cow, or poultry. But bacon...... Almost impossible to resist.

And don't get on the "turkey bacon" topic. Turkey bacon is NOT bacon!

Turkey bacon is lots of different mechanically-separated turkey parts that have been ground together and shaped to become "bacon" -- with the help of oil to make it taste good, of course. Source.

With that being said, should I consider myself a pescatarian if I still eat bacon, or should I just consider myself a person with a streamlined diet? (After a bit more research, it seems the proper term is flexitarian.)

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