This morning, I saw a question on Facebook which read the following:

Do you turn off your iron before unplugging it?

Even with modern technology and irons with automatic shutoffs, most people stated that they turn off their irons and then unplug them.

Not me, but that’s another story for a different day.

I commented as such on the post and my phone rang a few minutes later. I went into a conversation with the caller about not seeing the need to unplug something I use every day.  He made the statement that unplugging the iron would save money on my electricity bill.

Of course, I argued that the switch being off meant there was an incomplete circuit. So, it had no affect on the bill. He corrected me and said that even things that were turned off would use a small amount of electricity of they were not turned off.

You know me… I had to look it up. Sure enough,

This reminded me of an episode of Cheapskates where a young lady would use one light bulb and unscrew it as she moved from room to room. She said that unscrewing the bulb saved her money and she was only going to be in one room at a time anyway.

Granted, that’s a bit extreme.  But do you have any practices others would see as being too much in effort of saving money?  Do you know a REAL cheapskate? What does he/she do?

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