For those of us who live in neighborhoods where we aren't surrounded by family, do you know your neighbors?

This thought came to mind as I was reading an article about a neighborhood planning a meet and greet.  I also watch a lot of ID. The show "Fear Thy Neighbor" also made me question how well people know their neighbors.

Remember the case of the man in North Alabama who was assaulted after authorities were called to report a "suspicious" man in their neighborhood, but he ended up being the father of a neighborhood resident?

Then, I started to think about mine.  I knew the man beside me who has since passed. I also know of the neighbor on the other side, but that's about all. I kinda wish I lived in an area where I could see a child and know who his parents are, the kind where we'd get together and have backyard parties. Am I the only one?  Do people know their neighbors anymore?

Can you name 3 families in your neighborhood?

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