Have you ever needed a REAL vacation, but you just didn’t have the time? You didn’t want to get a flight or spend numerous hours driving to a destination where you could relax and unwind?

Well, you’re in luck.

West Alabama and East Mississippi are fortunate enough to have an oasis that requires only a few hours at most to reach.

What is this hidden gem?  Pearl River Resort, of course.

Now, if you’re from the area and have been there numerous times, it’s easy to take for granted.  But when you work long and sometimes odd hours, it’s almost the answer to a prayer.

While the average person would first think of the casinos, the hotels and attractions are not to be ignored.  Hotel rooms are spacious with very sultry bathrooms.  With restaurants, pools (both indoor and outdoor) and hot tubs on the premises, there’s hardly a reason to leave; but if traveling during the warmer months, you HAVE TO experience Geyser Falls!

The water park has numerous features, including slides, a lazy river, and even a beach… Complete with sand, cabanas, and everything!

You need a break? Take it! Simply put, an affordable quick getaway awaits you at the Pearl River Resort.

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