Police knew something wasn’t right when they approached a man who reportedly was asking for money to put gas in a Ferrari 458 Spider.The nearly $300,000 exotic car was trashed, with cracked fins, a destroyed gearbox, emblems torn from the engine and body, missing paddle shifters and vomit caked on the side.
Officers later learned the white 2015 model had been reported stolen about two weeks earlier from the Ferrari & Maserati service center.

The cars owner went to the service center to collect her vehicle. But employees couldn’t find it.

Apparently, a worker had left the key on the passenger seat. Security footage showed a man wearing a Ferrari jacket walking onto the property past employees, looking in a few car windows and then driving off in the Ferrari.

On Nov. 1, someone reported an exotic car being driven erratically in the area

A police officer found the Ferrari at a Mobile gas station.

Surveillance video indicated the suspect was the person who had stolen the car from the service center.
Ultimately, Friedman’s insurance company cut her a check for the trashed vehicle. She used the money to buy a 2018 Lamborghini Huracán.


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