Just two months ago, it was reported that over $260 million was owed to as many as 260,000 Alabamians as part of the federal stimulus package. Source. This is a vast difference from the foreign workers, who don’t even live in the U.S. but received stimulus checks.

You read that right. Foreigners were sent U.S. money as part of our stimulus!

What exactly happened here?

Well, NPR says the IRS admitted to a mistake that allowed thousands of foreign workers to receive stimulus checks. Apparently, most worked in the country on temporary work visas and filed incorrect tax returns, and though they aren’t U.S. citizens, they’re spending that U.S. money!

Just how much money are we talking? Well, estimates say it could be as much as $43 million.

Now, while there’s obviously a bigger issue in the state of Alabama, $43 million is still a lot of money.  In fact, these Alabama businesses could be purchased for far less than $43 million:

Unique B2B MFG- listed at $2,280,000 with a cash flow of $775,000

Sylacauga Shopping Center- Bids will start at $550,000, and the property has two tenants with long-term leases

Tire Maintenance Business- Listed at $2,900,000 with a cash flow of $283,644.

Click here to see a full list.

These are among some of the businesses for sale in Tuscaloosa County:

  • Fujiyama Japanese Steak and Seafood House: With an asking price of $155,000, this business is said to have a gross revenue of $525,000
  • Asian Fusion Cuisine: The asking price is $249,000, and the cash flow is said to be $89,000

Other listings include a well established barbecue franchise, an upscale steakhouse a smoothie franchise, a specialty staffing agency, a popular restaurant and bar, and a convenience store with a deli. Several of these are less than $200,000. Click here to check them out.

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