Most people believe that words have power. Two words that should be deleted from a believer’s vocabulary compose one very harmful phrase: Kill yourself.

The phrase is usually said in jest.  However, in some cases, it plants a seed which develops into negative self-esteem and a feeling of worthlessness.

Such was said to be the case for 9-year-old McKenzie Adams, who hung herself earlier this month.  It is said that Adams was bullied in school, having all sorts of derogatory statements directed at her, including being told to kill herself.

Her family says that the school was made aware of the bullying but that nothing was done about it.  School officials say they were unaware of such.

McKenzie’s family has started an online petition, seeking an investigation into the 9-year-old’s death and the bullying they believe to have led to it.  As of now, they’re a little over 500 supporters needed to make their goal of 30,000.  If you would like to sign the petition, click here.

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