By now, most people have heard of the young artist Jacquees, who has named himself the King of R&B.  The popular phrase, "Who died and made you Queen" comes to mind, except for the opposite sex.

Now, if you don't know who Jacquees is... Uhhh... We can't help you either.

Just kidding.  Just kidding.

[Warning: Strong language!]



Is he talented?  Absolutely!  However, he comes across like the high school hoop star who now walks up on Michael Jordan, saying he's the best in the game.  The term, "Respect your elders" must be lost in the 16-25 generation.

As much as Keith Sweat's signature sound is perceived as whining, he still has no problem counting numerous hits off his numerous albums.  AND... Nobody age 18+ has to ask, "Who is Keith Sweat?"  The man is a living legend.

This is not to say he's the King of R&B, but if Jacquees felt challenged enough by Keith Sweat to jump into "grown folks conversation," he's hardly mature enough to be considered the king of anything other than the playground.

This simply has to be a publicity stunt... And it seems to be working.

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