‘Tis the season of a national pandemic! Since mid-March, I have not traveled anywhere outside of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. I got a tad bit of cabin fever.

Outside the obvious, I miss being in person with family, friends, and my Coquito. Wait, I miss manicures and pedicures too. Also, sitting at a restaurant and having a glorious meal. I know people are doing it. I’m not those people. I’m trying to be extra cautious for myself and those that I am around.

I keep thinking; I would have already had some Coquito by now!

Typically, I am in Florida for the Christmas holiday. I get to visit with my family and friends in the warmth of Florida. Since I don’t get to go this year, I think the one thing I miss the most (outside of family and friends) is my cousin-in-law’s Coquito. Victor’s carefully master Coquito gets a chef’s kiss! It is so good. Just look at these ingredients.

Spice Gnome
Photo by Spice Gnome

In Florida, by the first of December, you have Coquito in your refrigerator. I would sneak sips when I was little. If my mother knew, I would still be grounded. Hence, my love story for Coquito.

What is Coquito?

It tastes like the angels from heaven mixed up the holiday delight. In Spanish, Coquito means little coconut. So, Coquito is a coconut-based alcoholic holiday drink. However, some refer to it as Puerto Rican eggnog. When that happens, there is typically a bunch of eye-rolling going on with my family.

What’s in Coquito?

It depends on the family recipe. The majority of the time, the formula has a base of cream of coconut, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, vanilla extract, and ground cinnamon. And of course, RUM!

Why do I love Coquito?

It reminds me of family, holidays in Florida, visits to Puerto Rico for the holidays, Three Wise Men Day Celebrations, and more. It’s creamy but not thick like Egg Nog that stays with you for a very long time. I don’t like that. Coquito is SMOOTH!

Here is Victor's Recipe Video from Spice Gnome! 

Random but ... does anyone in Tuscaloosa make or sell Coquito?

Coquito is far more superior to egg nog. End of story.

(Source) For more about the Coquito recipe from Spice Gnome, click here. 

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