Remember when COVID-19 put the world on pause?  Nothing has returned to normal operations, and it's going to be a while before we'll see any semblance of life as we knew it IF we ever do again.

We've had to learn new ways of doing everyday things like grocery shopping... Okay, maybe that was a bad example because even though we're wearing face coverings, NOBODY follows the "one way" arrows in grocery store aisles. Seriously! If you pass an item on your list, are you REALLY going to go around to the next aisle to come back up the aisle you're on, or are you going to just back up and get the item you need?

Don't answer that.  We already know.

However, it's safe to say that we ARE following restaurant guidelines.  As a matter of fact, though we're not too quick to dine in, being able to order online and pick up or use a food delivery service has been the lifeline for many area restaurants... And homes where no one really cooks.

Amid the pandemic, there is another component of the food industry which has not only maintained but flourished: food trucks!

The beautiful thing about food trucks is that they offer very limited contact with other patrons.  Customers simply walk up, place their orders, and stand back until their orders are ready.  For the owner, it offers limited overhead costs. So, this is a win-win all the way around.

What are some of the food trucks partly responsible for the Quarantine 15? Here you go!

Most of these trucks post to their Facebook pages regularly to provide customers with location information.  To find out where each will be without flipping from page to page, join the Tuscaloosa Food Trucks group.

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