As a marching band head, it makes me happy to see people who used to be in a marching band at an HBCU take their talents to the big stage.

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After graduating from an HBCU, it was priceless seeing Beyonce' perform at Coachella with a whole HBCU-style marching band and dancers with her.

What was even more amazing was knowing a few people who performed with her on that Coachella stage. someone who marched in the band with me at Bethune-Cookman was on the stage performing with Beyonce' for that epic performance.

From marching on the same field in the same band with this guy to seeing him on stage with Beyonce' is mind-blowing.

It's amazing to think that this is all from the marching band.

Grammy Award-Winning artist Jill Scott will so hit the road for her Who is Jill Scott tour in 2023.

People who are familiar with Alabama A&M's Dancin' Divas may recognize a familiar face on stage with Jill Scott.

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Alabama A&M University recently announced that a former Dancin' Diva and Alum has been selected to tour with Jill Scott.

Carsan Lindsey is a former Dancin' Diva Captain and Nashville native who earned her animal science degree from Alabama A&M in 2022 according to an article by Alabama A&M.

The article by Alabama A&M states that Lindsey said “Ms. Scott reached out to the director of Malone Studios Dance Academy in Nashville for choreography and dancers for her upcoming tour. After a couple of intense auditions, I was chosen as one of two dancers for the "Who Is Jill Scott Words & Sounds Vol. 1 23rd Anniversary Tour." My role is to add a visual interpretation of the story that the artist is telling through my dance performance.”

Congratulations to Carsan Lindsey for her new accomplishment. I'm sure she'll represent Alabama well while on tour.

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