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The price of something going up is not what I want to hear right now. I hate to break it to you but starting October 1, 2020; there will be a 2-cent gas increase in the state of Alabama.

Phase One took place in September 2019, which was a 6-cent increase. So I did some digging back to 2019.  I found out that phase one was the “first of three gas tax hikes that will eventually add ten cents to a gallon of gasoline by 2021,” as reported by ABC 33/40.

October 1st, which “is the second phase of Alabama’s 10-cent gas tax increase.” I found it interesting that “the tax increase will bring the state’s total gas tax to 26 cents per gallon.” Of course, I’m wondering what the funds raised will be assisting? CBS 42 reported that funds would be “going towards road and bridge construction across Alabama.”

I am all about trying to get the best price on things I buy, including gas. I will drive over to Northport for just a couple of cents difference.  Today’s “AAA National Average for gas is $2.183 as of 9/22/2020.” On average Alabama does much better than the national average. For regular gas in Alabama, the AAA average for “regular is $1.904, mid-grade is $2.235, and premium is $2.561.”

We could be in Hawaii, where regular gas on average, is "$3.249 or in California, where it’s $3.226 on average for regular gas." So, I’ll just be happy and keep singing “Sweet Home Alabama.”

(Source) For more from ABC 33/40 and the gas phases, click here. For more from CBS 42 about the current gas increase, click here. For more about gas prices from AAA, click here. 

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