Most of us initially saw social media as “a thing for the kids.” The first widely used form of social media that’s most like the current scene was MySpace. If you weren’t a Millennial or creative of some sort when MySpace was hot, you probably saw it as a waste of time.

Then, the scene changed. Everybody jumped on Facebook. After that was Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Snap Chat, and more.

While Facebook is still most popular by people of all ages, business entities, churches, organizations, and common interest groups, there’s another platform that’s gathering a lot of interest these days: TikTok!

At first, (then was used as a lip syncing and dance along site, where users could reenact particular scenes and audio clips or share their dance moves to music clips, but TikTok has taken on a whole different life as adults of all ages now engage.

So, in my attempt to find adults to follow, I came upon my favorite TikTok’er from Alabama.

Admittedly, I don't know any other adult from Alabama on TikTok as I've just gotten on, but this video was the first to come up in my feed. So, he's my favorite!

But as I went a bit more into his videos, I came across this one.

Of course, I now have to follow him to find out what was in the place of the corn. (Many of the comments mention moonshine.)

Looks like the Alabama Blues Man Rick Patton has found an area other than music where he is quite talented. To learn more about him, click here.

Now, who else should we follow on TikTok?

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