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Andrew Toth


Ok, it's 3 AM in the morning and you are just leaving the club and you are starving!  Out of all the restaurants that are open late or 24 hours, which one will you have your lyft driver take you?

A new survey asked 6,000 Americans about their drunk eating habits and out of all the restaurants that are out there, Taco Bell is the most popular place people go when they need to soak some of that liquor up!

41% of Americans said it's their favorite spot for drunk eating.  McDonald's is next at 25%, followed by Waffle House, 13%, Denny's, 6% . . . and IHOP, 5%.

1.  We consume an average of 775 extra calories after a heavy night of drinking.  790 for men, and 759 for women.

2.  Taco Bell is the top choice in 31 states.  McDonald's is #1 in 14.  And five states across the South prefer Waffle House.

3. The top three drunk orders for women at Taco Bell are tacos, quesadillas, and nachos.  For men, it's tacos, burritos, and Chalupas!


I guess this survey also proves that drunk people like telling their business!

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