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I have heard a dumb criminals, but this is just ridiculous. Cops in Palmview, Texas had a warrant out last month for a 19-year-old guy named Brandon Diaz. He was wanted for felony theft for stealing about $3,000 worth of jewelry from a family member.

The police department posted about him on their Crime Stoppers Facebook page a few weeks ago, offering up a $1,000 reward for any tips that led to him getting arrested.

So smart Brandon actually responded to the Facebook post asking, quote, "Can I get my own reward?"  Then he put three "laughing so hard I'm crying" emojis.

The cops responded to him, quote, "We will see you very soon" and they did.  They caught Brandon last week, they even followed up on their Facebook post by putting up a picture of him cuffed in a police car.

And to those that are curious, he did not receive the reward, so don't get any ideas!