In one of the most disturbing stories to make local news, Northport Police have arrested an HIV-positive man for using bodily fluid as a weapon.

According to WBRC, Montrel Dewaun Minor is said to have been in the emergency room at Northport Medical Center when he spit on a nurse and told her to "taste the last kiss of death."

Now, it's one thing to not know your status and to inadvertently infect another person.  It's something entirely different to know your status and to use it in attempt to harm another person.

HIV/AIDS workers pour countless hours into convincing those who may not know their statuses or don't test often enough to be more proactive in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  Some people feel like they're "going to die from SOMETHING." So, they're quite apathetic about everything health-related.  But it's quite freeing when you know your status. You can then take extra precautions to make sure you don't get the infection, or you can take advantage of area resources and make sure you can still live a full and healthy life with the disease.

It takes quite the disturbed mind to use the disease as a weapon. If Minor really made the alleged statement, he's lucky he's only being charged with assault and not attempted murder.

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