Honoring Prince Today: My Favorite Albums Cuts From 1978 to 1989

April 21, 2016 is when the world lost an icon, Prince (Prince Roger Nelson).  For me, and many others, Prince provided a soundtrack to our youth and age of musical discovery.  Simply put, I adore Prince.  I had Prince Posters on my wall and my Dad didn’t quite understand the fascination.  But, I did and that is all that matters.  To remember the life of Prince, I wanted to share my favorite songs of his albums from the start of his career to 1989 (Next blog will feature songs from 1990 and on).  Also, join me at 4 pm for a Mini-Concert to honor Prince.

(1978) For You Album, my favorite songs were “Soft & Wet” and “My Love is Forever.”

(1979) Prince Album, my favorite songs were “Still Waiting” and “I Wanna Be Your Lover.”

(1980) Dirty Mind Album, my favorite song was “Gotta Broken Heart Again.”

(1981) Controversy Album, my favorite song was “Controversy.”

(1982) 1999 Album, seriously, every song was awesome but if I had to pick two, “Lady Cab Driver” and “Little Red Corvette.”

(1984) Purple Rain Album, all nine songs were favorites, but in picking one, it would be “When Doves Cry.”

(1985) Around the World in a Day Album, my favorites were “Raspberry Beret” and “Pop Life” but grew to appreciate “America.”

(1986) Parade Album, when I was younger, hands down “Kiss” was my favorite song but now I really can appreciate “Sometimes It Snows In April.”

(1987) Sign o’ the Times Album, I really loved this album, I can’t pick on favorite, but here are the top three, “Hot Thing,” “U Got The Look,” and “Adore.”

(1988) Lovesexy Album, this was an odd album but I still loved it, my favorite was “When 2 R in Love.”

(1989) Batman Album, honestly I don’t even remember the movie but I remember the soundtrack!  My all-time favorite Prince song is on this album and … it … is “Scandalous.”

Let me know your favorites, message me on Facebook at @MaryKRadio

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