With looks that appear to be straight from the runway or pages from your favorite magazines, House of Glam Chic Salon and Boutique is every fashionista’s piece of heaven.

Owner Latara Jones began her businesses with a dream and a talent. She opened a salon in Demopolis, Alabama, giving her clients the latest styles from major metropolitan areas like Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles.  She attended trade shows and took advantage of every opportunity to stay abreast of the latest trends, which catapulted her to being one of the most sought stylists in West Alabama, especially when it comes to cutting bobs and natural-looking weave styles.

Soon, her eye for aesthetics led Latara to expand into fashion.  She started her boutique with a few pieces, but her fashion choices and hair styles created a demand that led to the establishment of a second location in the Tuscaloosa area.

Many times over, Jones has given credit for her success to her friend Erica Grant, owner of Charming Kreations salon and Thrifty Charm Boutique!

Grant began her career as a teen and opened her shop shortly after high school.  She also took her eye for style to the next level and opened a boutique where women could obtain the latest looks at affordable prices.

The right opportunities presented themselves, and Grant was able to have her businesses located in adjacent buildings, which she successfully branded as the Charm District. There, women may take care of their personal grooming and pick out a new outfit for a weekend look all in one visit.

These women not only carry entrepreneurial spirits, but it rubs off on their families as well.  Jones' teenage daughter Lacher is enjoying her business as a balloon decorator.

Book my Cherbear LaCher Gray #ballondecor #ballonfun #ballonstylist #15yearoldentrepreneur
She’s killin it and I’m so happy 😀 for her!!!

Posted by Latara Shontae on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Grant's husband is owner and operator of one of Tuscaloosa's most popular food trucks: Catch a Taste!

(Facebook/Catch a Taste)
(Facebook/Catch a Taste)

Phenomenal accomplishments all the way around, right?  Not to sound cheesy, but THERE'S MORE!

Both women are also published authors!

If this doesn't make you reevaluate your circle, not much will. Being surrounded by movers and shakers will force you to move with them or move out the way!

The Charm District is located at 2020 Hackberry Lane; Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 while the House of Glam Chic is located at 1000 Union Chapel Rd East; Northport, AL 35473 and 115 W Washington St, Demopolis, AL 36732.

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