Who doesn't want a nice looking vehicle?  As a matter of fact, most of us will drive a nice looking vehicle before we invest into our homes, as most people will see us pull up in our vehicles before they ever step foot into our homes.  Therefore, our vehicles are one of our first representations of ourselves.

So, we invest into making our vehicles look their best.  When they are in need of repair, whether a major dent, a touch up on the paint, or a full paint job, Nu-Look Auto Body has you covered.

A couple of years ago, one of my coworkers hit my parked car on the weekend my vacation began. So, I used a great deal of my vacation making calls to arrange having my vehicle fixed. I asked around about good body shops in Tuscaloosa, and I could not be happier with Eric Wills and Nu-Look.

I got my repair estimates and the insurance company sent me a check for the repairs.  However, Mr. Wills charged me HUNDREDS less than the amount I was paid by the insurance company, which means I was able to keep a few dollars in my pocket.  In addition, he had the parts ordered and my car repaired in a day.

Not only did Mr. Wills make the repairs to the body, he also fixed my door handle, which had broken and made it impossible to open the driver's door from the inside. So, I'm VERY pleased with the quality, service, and timing performed by Nu-Look.  Should another incident arise, I know where I'll be taking my vehicle.



Check out other vehicles refreshed by Nu-Look here.

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