In a battle against the “Quarantine 15?”

That’s the nickname given to weight gain during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a result of bad eating and/or inactivity during the current novel coronavirus outbreak.

It’s perfectly understandable how one can fall victim to a bit of unexpected weight gain, especially when gyms were closed. Even now that they’re open, people who would normally find themselves in the gym multiple times per week are a bit apprehensive about returning.

Simply put, isolation and social distancing may be here for a while, which means it can be hard for some to develop and maintain adequate fitness routines…

Unless you’re a client of Fearlessly Fit!

Fearlessly Fit offers the opportunity for women to engage themselves in healthy routines from their areas of comfort.

If a socially distanced line dance workout gives you your desired level of exercise and interaction while maintaining some distance, that’s an option.

If you want a real deal sculpting bootcamp, there’s something for you, too!

Possibly the most accommodating offering of Fearlessly Fit, though, is the virtual personal training!

Let’s say you were on the right track before the pandemic began, but you fell off the wayside a bit, and working out on your own just isn’t working… you actually NEED the added motivation of a trainer pushing you beyond your limits… Well, Fearlessly Fit has just what you need.

There’s something about knowing that your trainer is watching your every move and is encouraging you to complete the process that helps those who truly want to meet their fitness goals.

So, if you’re looking for a smaller gym, an aerobic dance class, or even virtual training, be sure to contact Fearlessly Fit, LLC.

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