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How Do Alabamians say Pecan?

The one thing nice outcome of the pandemic is that my family and friends have been getting together on Zoom. We do this to catch up, visit, and just have interaction with each other. It’s been really lovely.

BUT!!!!! Let me tell you how I got raked over the coals during a family zoom. We got on the subject of holiday pies. I announced that I didn’t care about the Pecan pie. I do like them in little tarts. The best place to get pecans in Alabama is in Fort Deposit, Alabama at Priester’s Pecan.

Two pecan tarts with pecans set against a simple background.

It wasn’t the fact I didn’t care too much for Pecan pie, but it was how I pronounced it. You could have heard a pin drop when I said pecan.





I say Pea-can. My family says Puh-con. Yikes. The truly clowned me, hard.

A great holiday memory is the big bowl of pecans my Grandmother would have on the coffee table with a very fancy nutcracker. I would always get to crack a few pecans with the fancy nutcracker. Of course, I made a mess.

The pronunciation issue was still bothering me, so I had to investigate. Listen, I just knew I was right. According to American Pecan, I’m not. Their votes on Pecan Debate showed that “34.06% of people say PEA-can and 65.94% votes says puh-CON.” I suppose the next family zoom will be interesting. I think for fun, I’ll have a PEA-can pie handy.

No matter how you say it, pecans are really great in all types of recipes. My favorites are pecan encrusted trout, spiced pecans, and butter pecan ice cream (that does count, right?).


(Source) For more from American Pecan, click here. For more about Priester’s Pecan, click here.

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