Today is National Fast Food Day!!!


Can we take a moment to talk about an underrated chain where the service is always great, the food is good, and the deals are amazing?

Real talk, has anyone ever had a bad experience at Arby’s?

Their fries are always fresh, their sandwiches are on honey wheat bread or may come in whole grain wraps, and while their meals may cost more than those at regular “burger joints,” Happy Hour deals make stretching your last $10 before pay day super easy!

Every afternoon from 2 until 5, all sliders, small fries, snack-sized shakes, small drinks, and cookies are only $1. So, you can order two sandwiches, fries, a drink and a cookie for $5. Switch up the items to create the meal you want. (See that meal above?  That's all of $4 during Happy Hour.)

Personally, I have a hankering for semi-healthy junk food every now and then. How do you have semi-healthy junk food? Well, cheese can be a healthy fat and protein, but when you deep fry it…. Or jalapeno peppers…. Veggies, right? Add cream cheese and deep fry it and well…..

Anyway, these items are regularly included in the coupons Arby’s sends out each month.

Now, another common meal I like to enjoy is a sandwich, a side salad (which is less than $2), and a cup of water.  VERY filling, packed with protein and vegetables, and slow to impact the blood glucose. “Hashtag winning!”

Don’t let the fact that you never see the parking lot full of vehicles stop you from checking them out. The lot is never full because the customers are always in and out, thanks to quick and mostly accurate service.

If the food and flow at another chain came straight from God’s kitchen, the folks at Arby’s must be eavesdropping on the mainline.

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