It’s probably safe to say that you haven’t truly experienced a moment of hilarity if you have never laughed until you started to cough.

Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, one of the last things you want to do is cough. People will just about implode before coughing in public, which is why the name of an upcoming comedy show is timely and super funny!

December 12, comedian Lamar Pullom will host the “Laugh but Don’t Cough” comedy show at McKinstry Banquet Hall.

If we’re all honest, we can admit that 2020 has been quite a ride. The onset of the novel coronavirus and its spread throughout the world—not just the states –has changed the way we do everything.

Those truly concerned with the prevention of contraction are practicing “stay at home” plans when possible.  Those who must leave are following “safer at home” plans and using as much personal protective equipment as possible while also observing social distancing guidelines.

Many of us have had our own personal bouts with the virus while even more of us have had loved ones to fight it.  Some of us know people who are currently in the battle as well as people who have succumbed to the disease. We’ve seen our incomes fluctuate or decrease all together.

But perhaps among our greatest tools for survival is the ability to laugh.

“Laugh but Don’t Cough” will feature comedians who’ve hit some of the largest stages in West and Central Alabama and beyond. Of course, all legal mandates concerning COVID-19 precautions will be enforced.

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