Pizza Eating Contest
Toronto Star via Getty Images


Do you eat your pizza, crust first?  Well, this study says you're a weirdo!
Everyone knows by now how much I love this sometime silly surveys.  Well, here's another one! This one is about eating habits. The way you answer these ten questions will determine whether you are normal or a weirdo lol.



1.  Do you eat macaroni and cheese with a fork or a spoon?  81% said fork, 19% said spoon.

2.  Do you pour dressing on your salad, or keep it on the side for dipping?  92% pour it on.  8% are dippers.

3.  Do you eat ribs with your hands, or a knife and fork?  14% said knife and fork.

4.  Do you twirl your spaghetti, or cut it up?  90% of us twirl it, 10% cut it up.

5.  With a Kit Kat, do you break each piece off, or just take bites out of the whole bar?  5% of us just go to town on the whole thing without breaking the pieces apart.

6.  Do you peel pieces off your string cheese, or just bite into it?  78% peel it.  22% take bites.  Also, 13% of people said they take bites out of BLOCKS of cheese.

7.  With pizza, do you eat the pointy end first, or the crust?  Only 7% go crust first.  Also, 18% of people said they prefer eating their pizza with a knife and fork.

8.  Do you like your bagel toasted, or untoasted?  22% said untoasted.

9.  If you have Chef Boyardee ravioli, do you heat it up or eat it straight out of the can cold?  Would you believe 5% of you all prefer it cold.

10.  Do you prefer your cereal with milk, or straight out of the box like a snack?  90% said they like it with milk . . . 9% said no milk . . . and 1% said they put ice in the milk with the cereal!


If you answered 5 or more in the smaller percentage, you're probably one of the weird one lol.