We all know that R. Kelly has faced a number of demons throughout his music career.  Much of it played out in front of the media, giving everyone an opportunity to form his or her own opinion of the superstar's personal life.  There have been all kinds of allegations, mainly involving his sex life.

While much of it was purely rumors and speculation, Kellz has released a 19-minute track where he makes a ton of confessions.  The song is profanity-laden, but it's actually quite good.  He mentions how management has taken advantage of him, illiteracy, and disrespect of women. He even says he's had sex with women of various ages, but that it's crazy to consider him a pedophile. He goes into A LOT, including his relationship with Aaliyah but says his lawyer told him not to speak on other topics.

(Warning: Strong language.)

While it comes across as therapeutic for him, the song has brought forth a lot of differing opinions from those who've heard it.  Some say the song provides a lot of explanation for his actions that led to the allegations against him and his response to the allegations.  Others say he's a predatory monster and that while he's a musical genius, it's hard to support his career.

If you've listened to the song, what are your thoughts?  If you haven't, take 20 minutes to do so and sound off.

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