Yesterday, I took a tour of a new and beautiful home right here in Tuscaloosa. The rooms were huge and the master bathroom had a big jacuzzi. But the best part about it, is that for the cost of a utility bill, you could live there! Yes, that's how low prices are right now at Timberline Homes of Tuscaloosa.

Every Saturday, they have an Open House. The community is allowed to go in and check out all the amazing amenities these manufactured homes have to offer. I was so surprised of how spacious these homes are. These are not the old school manufactured homes you're used to.

Tomorrow from 11AM-1PM, I'll be at Timberline Homes off of HWY 69 S. I'll have pizza,hot dogs, and hambugers plus some ticket giveaways to major artist headed to Tuscaloosa. Meet me there!

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