Ice-Cold Mountain Dew At Your Job

Mountain Dew Monday Kevil

Happy Mountain Dew Monday to you and your crew!  Since arriving in Alabama in 1999, I’ve have been known for “Jammin’ on the J.O.B.”  It’s a great way to get through the workday with the best R&B hits and classics with 92.9 WTUG!  I was so excited to visit the wonderful and kind crew at Northstar Paramedics Billing Department!  We enjoyed ice cold Mountain Dew, and Kevil got a whole case of Mountain Dew to take home to enjoy!  It was such a pleasure to meet everyone and get that great Tuscaloosa southern hospitality.


I can’t wait to visit you and jam on the J.O.B. with you and your co-workers.  I will have plenty of ice-cold Mountain Dew for everyone! Be sure to nominate your job right here >

Have a great Mountain Dew Monday – Be sure to follow me on Facebook at @MaryKRadio

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