Stop Throwing Stones Instead Balance The Stones

Today’s Lemons Make Lemonade is about distractions.  Winston S. Churchill said it best “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”  How true!  Distractions come in many forms, like in his Churchill’s quote, it is the dogs.  The dogs in your life could be everything from headline news, weather, task lists, fatigue, email, dieting, smartphones, gossip, social media, and the list continues.  The stones correlate to the attention you give to distractions.

My advice is to balance your stones!  How?  It’s not easy, and it takes focus and discipline. I struggle with this, but I have gotten better with the advice from Lifehack, and their “10 Practical Tips to Sharpen Your Focus” which they suggest the following: “1. Keep your vision and goals in mind 2. Reduce the chaos of your day by focusing on 2 to 3 important tasks 3. Do those tasks as soon as possible 4. Focus on only the smallest part of your work at a time 5. Visualize yourself working 6. Control your internal distractions 7. Remove external distractions 8. Skip what you don’t know 9. Improve your discipline with focus practice 10. Manage your momentum.”  Be sure to read their article because it gives an in-depth look at each suggested tip.  It most certainly helped me put things into perspective to help me balance my stones.

Have an awesome Friday - @MaryKRadio

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