There Is A Blessing In Blocking Someone

I recently “blocked” someone from having access to my life.  I did it in baby steps because it hurt, but I am much better for it.  First, it was blocking their phone number, then I blocked them on social media, and lastly, I blocked their email.  There will be no more access to me.  Honestly, I feel so much better because I removed their ability to be a part of my life.  I’ve been able to rest well, not think about them, the what if’s and the list continues.  I typically don’t block anyone except trolls and racist family members, and they don’t count because they deserve to be blocked.

I believe there is a blessing in a block.  There is POWER in blocking.  You can look at blocking from many different perspectives on how people block you in life, on social media, on promotions, and more.  Also, YOU can block your own blessing; block others on social media, negative thinking, and more.

I encourage you to start blocking people who are very obviously not looking for you to win at life. Remember that lemons make lemonade! - @MaryKRadio

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