All over the news is the story of the former roommates at the University of Hartford. Now, I normally try to remain civil in conduct as well as discussion. But this time….

Just in case you are unaware of this story, here are the valid points: The girl says she didn’t want to be roommates with the “Jamaican Barbie.” So she committed sickeningly disgusting acts against her including the following:

  • spitting in her coconut oil
  • putting moldy clam dip in her lotions
  • rubbing used tampons oh [sic] her backpack
  • putting her toothbrush where the sun doesn’t shine, and so much more

Now, with that said, let me say this:

Violence is never the appropriate solution. HOWEVER, there is no appropriate reaction to this and no need to search for one!

Had this been MY child, that mugshot would look quite different!

NOBODY sends their child to college and imagines ANYTHING like this happening!  Whether you pay for college or the child attends on a scholarship, it’s not easy for any parent to see their “child” make such a major step towards adulthood. If I chose to release mine to an institution of higher learning only to find out my child is being ABUSED and that the abuser is bragging about it…  And she didn’t just brag to people she knew; the idiot posted it on social media!

Let me tell you something…

There would be no spitting in oil, putting toothbrushes where the sun doesn’t shine, or anything like that if she’d done this to MY child.  Oh, we’d be in jail together.  I’d find her, stomp her down, spit as much phlegm as I could get up INTO HER MOUTH, dig my own poop out of the toilet and smear into her hair and definitely on her face so she can see herself with brown skin…. Or green, depending on the day’s consumption. She would never forget the smell of my coffee-inspired pee that I’d drip just below her nose every 15 minutes.

Baby, let me tell you something… She chose the right child to try this on. I mean, an insanity plea is EASY on this one! I nearly lost my own, just hearing about what happened to somebody else!

This girl better be happy she’s going to jail because if this girl’s family is truly Jamaican and they heard about this beforehand, she’d be dead.

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