I have a degree in Journalism, from one of the best university's in the country (in my opinion). We were taught to not be bias when reporting stories.

I'm a radio personality now, and to some people, that may be a big difference from news anchors, but to me it's not. I always report the facts on every breaking news story, local or national. But, there's one story I'm skipping over, and that's president-elect, Donald Trump being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America.

Yes, I'll acknowledge him as our new president, but I won't be watching.

The political season within the last year, was hard to watch; cringe-worthy for sure. I'm still in shock that it actually happened. He said some of the nastiest things I've ever heard and I was left in disgust.

I know not watching won't change what happens, but it's one less view a television station will get from me, and many others who are opting not to watch.

I stand in solidarity with those who are in D.C protesting.

Let's Make America Great!

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