Today, I received an email inviting me to do an interview with recording artist Regina Madre. Admittedly, I'd never heard of her; but the information I was provided let me know I'd learn a lot about her in the future.

First of all, Regina Madre is the recording name for Regina Crews, wife of actor Terry Crews. We became quick fans of the couple during their brief stint at reality tv in The Family Crews.

Of course, Terry Crews made headlines in recent years as he came out about being sexually harassed in the industry, but Regina is making her own mark with her music.

First, I was sent a link to her lyric video for Destiny.

After giving it a listen, I knew I wanted to hear more of her music.  So, I went to find the video for [I Keep] Holding On.

Just that quickly, I'm a fan.  Here's to hoping we hear more from Regina "Madre" Crews!

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