One was Pinky. One was The Brain. Both might as well have been Pinky because there was no brain involved.

Two Jasper men have been charged with four counts of making a terroristic threat after their plan to detonate bombs in the Walker County Jail was interrupted.

Twenty-nine-year-old Bryant Wayne Williams, Jr. and 56-year-old Terry Keith Hammond planned for one to bond out of jail and then gather items to create ammonium nitrate/fuel oil bombs. Intended primary targets were sheriff's department commanders and investigators, Walker County judges and the district attorney.

Considering the fact that both were in jail for violent crimes including attempted murder and assault, the idea of doing bodily harm isn't too far fetched.

However, their plan couldn't have been to take over the world, as there was very little thought put into it.

Bond for both men has been set at $500,000 cash. Full story.

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