After the QUICK defeat of Bermane Stiverne, social media has been on fire with memes! Some highlight Wilder's confidence. Others mock Stiverne's physical condition. However, few are quite as original as a picture posted to Instagram by a Tuscaloosa businessman.

Other than those who "grew up" with Harvey Logan, many know him for the years he sold hair. Others hear his commercials for vehicle sales. His physique calls for some to seek help in fitness, and he gladly assists.  But lately, he's been making rounds as both a Southern Soul artist under the name Cartrell; and he's been hitting stages as a comedian.

Perhaps one of his funniest moments came today:

Once I stopped laughing and did a little more looking around, I came across this:

Too funny!

So, what's it gonna be?  Is a #StiverneChallenge gonna be a thing?  If so, be sure to tag us when you post your pics.

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