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I have some good news and I have some bad news! 



I have a list of 24 schools that left the Alabama failing list!!  However, I have a list of 24 Alabama schools that was added on to the list!




According to AL.COM the released on Wednesday. There are schools all over, to include Tuscaloosa, Aliceville, Bessemer, Mobile and Montgomery.

There are so many things that can contribute to an education system being unable to meet the needs of our kids. With schools closing left and right, the over crowdedness, some teachers just collecting a check, the lack of technology in some schools as well as resources, it makes it a lot harder for some schools to function

Not putting the entire blame on the school system, as parents, we can do better as well. Studies showed, lack of parent participation is a problem as well.

The Alabama Accountability Act requires the failing label be placed on the schools whose student test results are in the bottom 6 percent of all schools statewide.


Schools that left the list Compliments of AL.COM


Schools that were added to the list Compliments of AL.COM


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