It is the most wonderful time of the year, y'all.

Tennessee Hate Week is upon us, and there is only one way to celebrate: you've got to watch this iconic video.

This spectacular student interview was recorded ahead of the Crimson Tide's game against the Tennessee Volunteers in 2007.

Irvin Carney's rant about the absolute worst team in the Southeastern Conference (and maybe all of college football) has been a part of my Tennessee Hate Week tradition for the past THIRTEEN years.

I can't get enough of Carney's vitriol for the Vols. He's gifted us with so many accurate descriptions of Tennessee:

  • lowdown
  • dirty
  • snitches

I mean, he's not wrong. And Neyland Stadium DOES look like a garbage truck worker convention. And Tennessee's iconic orange?

It's not that orange you can sit with. It's that throwup orange--that inside of a pumpkin orange.

Irvin Carney is 100% right. We can't stress that enough.

Oh, and fun fact: I mentioned before that this video was recorded back in 2007. You know what hasn't happened since 2007?

Tennessee hasn't beaten the Tide.

THIRTEEN YEARS, y'all. It's been thirteen years since Tennessee was able to win the Third Saturday in October. Can I get a ROLL TIDE?

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