As soon as Halloween is over, we jump right into the holiday season, as Thanksgiving is on the horizon... unless you're a retailer. In which case, the Thanksgiving season began right after Labor Day!

Never the less, this is the time of year when most of us are reflective and grateful for everything we've been afforded.  Many of these are tangible, but many are not.

So, each day the entire month of November, I will be naming something specific for which I am appreciative.

Day 1- Life

We've often expressed gratitude for simply waking up each morning.  We've heard it stated that "somebody didn't wake up this morning," which reminds us that each day is a gift.

The truth of the matter is that life is something we often take for granted.  Most of us go to bed at night without even thinking about making it to the next day. We don't think about everything that could go wrong during the night, whether every system in our bodies will work properly to accomplish all they are meant to do.

So yeah, on this first day of November, I'm thankful for life.

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