Halloween And Throwback Thursday

Happy Halloween!  And it’s a special Halloween because it’s also Throwback Thursday.  I thought I would share some Halloween Throwbacks with you from my childhood.  My mother “Bea” was a very crafty woman and made almost all of my Halloween costumes.

I believe this year, I was a “Cat Lady,” hence the bathrobe.  I couldn’t find the pictures where I had rollers in my hair, and I was holding a stuff animal cat.  I think I was doing the stumbling walking at this age, so more than likely I was in the stroller as we went through the neighborhood.


This is the year where I think my mother forgot about Halloween and whipped up a costume in about 30 minutes.  She took an old gardening hat, a used plastic pumpkin, outdoor vines, ribbon, and glued it all together.  Viola, I was a pumpkin.


I hope everyone enjoys their trick or treating tonight.  Be sure to bundle up because it will be cold!  Be sure to share your Halloween pictures with us by using the hashtag - #WTUG.

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