If you know you're too old to go door to door asking strangers for candy without looking like the Toys R Us kid who never grew up but you also want to take part in Halloween fun, Greenetrack has just the thing for you!

When you're an adult with responsibilities, it's nice to be able to spend one day being carefree, to dress in costumes, and just have fun...

But it's even better to win money and pay the bills you worried about paying, or to be able to buy some things you'd gone without because your responsibilities left you with a tight budget after they were managed.

With $15,000 in free play, SOMEBODY is bound to be a winner.  It could be you, but it won't be if you don't go where the games are played.  In addition, bags of goodies will be given away!

So, join WTUG at Greenetrack for the Free Play Treat Party this Halloween.  We will broadcast beginning at 5, but the fun begins at 6. We look forward to seeing you there!

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