Lemons Make Lemonade - Feed A Dog For Three Days

Over the weekend, I had a fantastic conversation with a great friend.  We got a chance to catch up, and we landed on the subject about how people come into your life and leave without explanation.  We stumbled on this topic because I was in my feelings about someone not being in my life anymore.  The whole “what did I do?” thought process.  The more we talked about it, the clearer it had become that it might not be me or something “I” did.   In life, you have to accept that this will happen; people can be in your life for a season and a reason.  Then my friend just rambled this saying to me, “Feed a Dog for three days, they will remember you for three years.  Feed a human for three years; they will forget you in three days.”  All I could say was WOW!  How true!  This short phrase truly expresses how some humans treat the ones that help them out.  If this has happened or is happening to you, don’t stress over it, because it is for a reason or a season.  The reason in my scenario is that I need understand that what loyalty means to me doesn’t mean the same to the next person.  I file this under how life hands you lemons, and you make lemonades.  Sometimes those lemons can be actual people, and the lemonade you make is from the lesson they taught you.  Good and Bad.

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