The month of February is marked as a time for people of African descent to celebrate their accomplishments, culture, and history.  But how much do we know about any of it?

There is nothing like sitting and listening to elders discuss these topics. And nobody tells stories of Black history like Dr. Lynette T. Smith.

Dr. Lynette T. Smith is a wealth of wisdom!  Each Sunday during the month of February, she shares various aspects of African American history and African culture during the worship services at the Impact Nation Fellowship Church (1110 26th Ave East; Tuscaloosa, AL 35404).

Until coming into contact with Dr. Smith's family, I'd never heard of the Gullah Geechee people/culture.


Interesting, right?

Well, Dr. Smith is also a celebrated author, having penned "Kool Joe & Kitten: A True Love Story- Transformation of Diamonds in the Rough."

The book is touted as being a real life look into love and relationships.

This story is about two people roller coaster ride from youth to maturity which eventually ended in a peaceful destination.

It is said that there's nothing new under the sun, but sometimes older people tend to "keep their business to themselves" when in actuality, they hold great insight which could help others navigate through life.  I'd definitely take relationship advice from a couple who's been married more than 10 years. So, reading about the ups and downs from a relationship and marriage that spanned over 40 years.... Yeah!

Dr. Smith is certainly one person to know!


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