Okay, let's go ahead and address this first: Some holidays just outshine others musically.  Of course, Christmas is THE THING, but there are some dark songs played more around Halloween and some songs that are suited for the summer holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July, though they may not follow a particular theme other than gathering, grilling, and good times.

Like most people, I enjoy a variety of music. When I say a variety, I mean Today’s R&B Hits, R&B Classics, some rap, hip hop, and gospel. I’ve even been known to sing along to Pop and some Country songs.

However, when it comes to songs about being grateful and recognizing the blessings bestowed upon us, I kinda stick with my roots: Some of today’s R&B, a few classics, and GOSPEL!

So, if you’re trying to think of a playlist to enjoy while you prepare your Thanksgiving meal, go ahead and make a note of these.


Charlie Wilson “I’m Blessed"


Alicia Myers “I Want to Thank You”


Walter Hawkins  “Thank You”


Boyz II Men “Thank You”


William Devaughn “Be Thankful for What You Got”


Snoop Dogg feat. Rance Allen “Blessing Me Again”


Drake “Started from the Bottom”


Earth Wind and Fire “Gratitude”


Fred Hammond “We’re Blessed”


Angie Stone feat. Snoop Dogg “I Wanna Thank Ya”

Anthony Brown and Group Therapy “Blessings on Blessings”


And for the line dancers


Now, see that last one...  I have to wait until my cakes come out the oven!

Happy cooking and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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