If you've never heard of Aliceville before or consider it to be a town where "nothing is," think again! Major moves are being made there, and we're here for it!

It does me proud to see people set goals and work towards them.  I am especially proud to support people who've had to overcome particular obstacles; and I wholeheartedly believe in "rejoicing with those that rejoice." The grand opening of a new business is great cause to rejoice!  I try to support locally owned businesses as often as possible.

I think it's extremely important to never forget from where you've come.  Besides, it's hard to forget when you regularly go back. I sneak into Aliceville quite often, but I'm not sneaking this time!  I'm letting everyone know NOW, I'll be at the grand opening of Mo's Beauty Supply on Saturday, September 9!  (You do know I celebrate my birthday ALL September long, right?) I'm looking forward to everybody meeting me there!

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