Early in the year, the Tuscaloosa City Schools administered a test to evaluate literacy skills, and Jireh performed quite well. Now that the school year is coming to a close, another was given, and SHE KILLED IT!

As it would happen, her dad, MY dad, my mom, and I all want to take credit as being her source of intelligence, but with this being the end of Teacher Appreciation Week for some, I have to say that Ms. Catherine Shelton at Woodland Forrest Elementary School ROCKS!!! She has such a sweet spirit and positive energy that her students have to feel encouraged to learn!  I know mine daughter is.

The DIBELS-- Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills --test gauges a student's ability to read.  The written number is how much Jireh did in the allotted time. The denominator is the benchmark for her grade level.

This was the perfect prelude to my Mother's Day! The only down side is that my days of spelling things to go over her head are now officially over.


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