There's a good chance you've seen Joe's steamy video for the song 'Love & Sex Pt. 2,' featuring Kelly Rowland, as the two play a couple with a deep connection. Now the two R&B stars, along with director Billie Woodruff, take fans behind the scenes of the shoot, explain the concept of the video and the chemistry on and off the set.

"Billie has been consistent," said Joe. "So consistent. And having my first big video and big record, 'I Want To know,' that he directed, and the way he shot it, the colors, understanding a brown skin guy, my texture, my complexion, or any of my leading characters complexion. He knows how to shoot us very, very well and capture the beauty in that."

Joe's stylist is also in the behind-the-scenes footage, sharing the fact the crooner has a penchant for the Tom Ford brand -- he sports it throughout the entire visual. Additionally, Kelly Rowland shared some of her insight while on the set.

"I am a huge Joe fan. I love his voice," she admitted. "It's just no voice like Joe's voice. I remember from the first time I heard him singing, actually trying to harmonize to the songs that he was doing. 'Love Scene' is one of my favorite songs, and I probably listen to Joe at least every other day... And listening to Brandy's album and hearing him do 'Angel in Disguise,' and wanting to have our voices sound as great as him and Brandy's did together."

As far as the concept of the video and song, Joe wanted to show the difference between real commitment and frivolous sex. "When you're in love with somebody, when your genuinely in love with a person, you will completely understand the difference that this is just a physical thing, and this is something I put my heart into."

'Love & Sex Pt. 2' is a follow-up to the song 'Love & Sex,' featuring Fantasia, off his 2013 LP, 'Doubleback: Evolution of R&B.' Joe's new album, 'Bridges,' arrives June 23.

Watch Joe's 'Love & Sex Pt. 2' Video Feat. Kelly Rowland

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