John Legend Treats Fans On Facebook Live

Celebrities Take To Social Media As People Around the Globe Quarantine and Social Distance
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Many of us are dealing with the change in our daily lives due to COVID-19.  I hope many of us are practicing our social distancing as well.  John Legend took to his Facebook Live to remind us that “Social distancing is important, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. I did a little at-home performance to help lift your spirits.”  While in his robe, this special treat on his Facebook Live took place last week, which he admits was his first Facebook Live was over 50 minutes long.  It was priceless.

He even challenged other artists like Miguel and Charlie Puth.  John Legend treated us with songs from Stevie Wonder, TV theme songs, songs from his new album, and more.  His wife and daughter join the Facebook Live too!  And his wife, Christine Teigen, encouraged us all to support local businesses during this time, which I totally agree with her on that!

(Source) to check out John Legend's Facebook page, click here.  Also, he has his Bigger Love tour coming soon.  Get details here.

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