As you all know, today is the king of pop's birthday! Happy Birthday to Michael Jackson!  The king of pop would have been celebrating his 60th birthday today!

Today there will be hundreds of tributes to Michael Jackson including a Tribute from his baby sister Janet Jackson who did it big by recreating Michael Jackson's "Remember The Time" video!  It wouldn't be right of WTG didn't take some time to celebrate the life of Michael Jackson as well.

So, today, make sure you tune in to the MOJO'S Midday Mix with a Twyst at 12 noon as WTUG celebrate the life of Michael Jackson!

If there is a special Michael Jackson song that you'd like to hear, make should you get it in to us!   You can call us at 205-391-0093 or you can text us, our phone lines are powered by Mezrano Law firm.

Continue to Rest In Peace Michael!