It has been YEARS since BET has been on my radar of channels to watch, mainly because I'm Black, and it's really not that entertaining to me. *shrug* However, I WILL be setting my DVR for this one.

Bobby Brown recently did an interview with Buzz Feed News, and he discussed a variety of topics including things that happened during his marriage to Whitney Houston, the death of Bobbi Kristina, the domestic violence safe house he's opening, use of Whitney's bathroom scene, a New Edition reunion, and more.

Bobby is very mild mannered, almost charming. He seems very level headed and says that every day is another step in his development as "God is still working" on him.

However, it was the snipped from his biopic that caught my interest the most. It looks juicy, emotional, and the actress obviously playing the late Whitney Houston caught the very essence of the singer. This is going to be a good one. And it looks like the casting might be better than those on the other channel for women.

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