At WTUG, we work to not only inform the community of different events going on in Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas but to also be a part of such happenings.

On Wednesday, June 27, we will join Whatley Health Services and its community partners for a health fair as part of National HIV Testing Day.  Click here to discover why knowing one's status is so important.


We look forward to seeing you there!

But just in case you'd prefer not to be tested in an area where people you know might be made aware of your status, keep in mind that testing has made advancement in recent years in that you may now also perform your own test at home.  Using the proper kits, you may obtain your own sample and have it sent off to a lab for processing.  The results will be sent to your home.  Then, you can make the next steps towards maintaining good health, whether you test positive for the ailment or not.

Of course in West Alabama, we have a number of agencies that offer free testing.  So, there is no excuse for a person to not know his or her status.


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