After 20 years in the business, Kandi Burruss knows her way around a studio -- that's for sure.

With the upcoming debut of her new series on Bravo, 'The Kandi Factory', Burruss uses her experience as a singer-songwriter to help 16 hopefuls realize part of their dream.

Don't mistake 'Kandi Factory' for yet another insipid singing competition though. The show, set to air Tuesday night (April 9), is anything but.

In fact, Kandi says that all of her contestants don't necessarily have that powerhouse voice needed for those type of shows. But there was some spark in each of them that made the difference in their being chosen for the series.

“There’s all different ranges of talent,” she tells, “All different ages, races, everything...”

Each episode will feature two contestants going head-to-head, in order to gain exposure and a music video which will spotlight their talent through original songs- all penned by Burruss of course.

“This show is giving some people a chance,” she adds, “Some probably wouldn’t have gotten a chance from other folks and then there are some people where you’re like, ‘Dang, how have you never gotten picked up or signed?’”

'The Kandi Factory' airs on Bravo, Tuesday, April 9 at 10 EST.

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